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Sips of Summer at Memorial Union and Union South

We invite you to the sips of summer at Memorial Union and Union South, including at seasonal Terrace dining. Your full selection list is overwhelmingly wonderful in number and variety, and we’ll highlight some of your options in this story. For a full list of Wisconsin Union dining options, visit union.wisc.edu/dine

Ale Asylum’s Hopalicious

Let’s start with Ale Asylum’s beer Hopalicious. This pale ale has a bold, deep hoppy flavor perfectly balanced by notes of citrus. You won’t find bitterness here. The lightness added by the citrus paired with rich malty-ness makes this a refreshing, flavorful choice for your summer beverage. This would pair well with our seasoned French fries or deep fried cheese curds from our on-site restaurant der Rathskeller

You can purchase this beverage option at der Rathskeller, the Sett, der Stiftskeller and the Brat Stand (and later this summer at the BBQ Stand and Lakeview Lounge). 

Lombardi Hard Limonata Lemonade

Made right in our beautiful state but made the traditional Italian way, this sweet, tart popular choice tastes like summer in a can. If you’ve had very sweet hard lemonades elsewhere, you will be happily surprised by the clear lemon tartness that comes through with the sweet. That’s a result of this all-natural formulation. The ingredients are simply pure grain spirits, cane sugar, natural lemon juice and water. You can actually see the lemon pulp in this creation. Couple this with a Rathskeller salad, which includes house-made balsamic vinaigrette from der Rath. 

You can purchase this beverage option at der Rathskeller, the Sett, der Stiftskeller and the Brat Stand (and later this summer at the BBQ Stand and Lakeview Lounge). 

Sprecher Root Beer Bottle

The most root beery-tasting root beer of all time. Seriously, the Wisconsin-made Sprecher Root Beer is rich, creamy, sharp and sweet. Other people agree that this is a standout beverage choice. It’s actually award-winning and for good reason. Art and science went into this pop; a Sprecher brew master makes this treat in a brew kettle, aging the concoction to perfection. (Translation for non-Wisconsinites: Pop means soda.) Something unexpected about Sprecher Root Beer is a key ingredient: raw Wisconsin honey. 

You can purchase this at der Rathskeller, Carte, Badger Markets at Memorial Union and Union South, and der Stiftskeller. 

Wollersheim Winery’s Terrace Red

Only available at Memorial Union, try the Terrace Red, a wine created by Wisconsin winery Wollersheim just for our patrons. This gorgeous beverage greets you with intense aromas of luscious cherries and sun-splashed violets. The palate is bright and balanced with a smooth, slightly sweet finish, and the color is an eye-pleasing ruby hue. It pairs with a Terrace sunset quite well. If we’re being honest, what doesn’t pair well with a Terrace sunset? And you can’t get this wine or a Terrace sunset anywhere but at Memorial Union. This exclusive beverage goes well with a made-to-order pizza or pasta bowl from our Memorial Union restaurant Strada

You can purchase this at der Rathskeller, der Stiftskeller and the Brat Stand (and later this summer at the BBQ Stand). 

Cold Brew Black Tie

Decadent. The cold brew black tie at Peet’s Coffee at Memorial Union and Prairie Fire at Union South is simply decadent. It begins with a base of Baridi cold brew, created from bold East African coffee beans that make up this beverage’s bold, crisp, smooth taste. The cold brew is combined with rich, earthy chicory. We then top this with sweetened condensed milk that swirls throughout the drink and half-and-half. This is a hidden beverage treasure at our buildings that you don’t want to miss.  

To learn more about Wisconsin Union dining options at Memorial Union, the Memorial Union Terrace, Union South and Wisconsin Union-run satellite markets and cafes, visit union.wisc.edu/dine

Author: Shauna Breneman

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