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Our goal is to share the stories of lifetime connections, traditions, innovation and experiences at the Wisconsin Union.

The Wisconsin Union is known as the heart and soul of the University of Wisconsin-Madison; we’re the social, cultural and recreational center of campus. Comprised of two buildings—Memorial Union and Union South, plus outlying delis across campus—the Union serves as a daily gathering place for students, faculty, staff, community members and visitors.

As the Division of Social Education for UW-Madison, we at the Union have been uniting the academic and social lives of the university for over 75 years. It’s a place where students come to connect and feel comfortable as well as to learn outside of the classroom.

The Union also links the campus to the community by offering world-class performances at the Wisconsin Union Theater, hundreds of non-credit art, design and craft courses through Wheelhouse Studios, outdoor recreation programs through Outdoor UW and Hoofers and nearly 1,000 events including prominent lecturers, films and music. Through our tradition of providing exceptional programs and services combined with an open, welcoming environment, the Union creates lifetime connections to the University, one person at a time.

At Terrace Views, we hope to be the link between you and the many programs the Union has to offer. If you are interested in sharing your Union story, please contact us at membership@union.wisc.edu. See you at the Union!