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Fall at the Memorial Union Terrace – Your October 2021 Wallpapers

If you haven’t been to the Memorial Union Terrace in October, you are missing a very special time at this iconic destination when the green of our majestic trees are replaced with the warm, brilliant colors of fall, which slowly carpet the Terrace’s pavers. While the end of fall usually brings the hibernation of the famous sunburst chairs that reside at the Terrace during the late spring, summer and early fall, there are still plenty of cool autumn days in October to enjoy the Terrace. Enjoy those fall colors no matter what Mother Nature is doing any given day with our fall at the Terrace-themed free phone and computer wallpapers. Click the images below to download the wallpapers.

Computer Wallpaper
Computer Wallpaper
Phone Wallpaper

Author: Shauna Breneman

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