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Everything You Need To Know about the Union’s Reimagined Brands

Craftshop, Hoofers, Outdoor UW, Mini Courses, Wheelhouse Studios, there is a lot going on at the Union. We have put together a guide to help you get to know the ins and outs of our two reimagined brands that open with the Memorial Union west wing this summer–Wheelhouse Studios and Outdoor UW.

Wheelhouse Studios

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Craftshop + Mini Courses = Wheelhouse Studios

Loved the long-standing Craftshop here at the Union? Have no fear, Wheelhouse Studios is taking the Craftshop’s key mission statement of offering affordable activities and space for artists of all kind to a new level. Currently, the artists’ setup in the Union is a collection of parts: Free Art Fridays, Craftshop, Mini Courses and more. Wheelhouse is taking the most popular aspects of these programs and melding them together in one brand.

The space includes…

A pottery class hosted by the School of Education in the Craftshop in April, 2005.

A pottery class hosted by the School of Education in the Craftshop in April, 2005.

  • Two glass-paneled multi-use studios with a 3-D and 2-D art space
  • A ceramics space with new kilns
  • Movable work tables
  • Flexible studio design and common area

The new digs were designed with the help of students to create a space that is art-inspiring. It is designed to be an art maker’s space–an exciting, creative, social space. From the floor to the ceiling the students helped to make the Wheelhouse space unique and inviting to artists of all levels.

Drop-ins, classes and workshops feature topics in…

  • Ceramics
  • Photography
  • Glass work
  • Matting and framing
  • Art metals
  • Large scale color printing
  • Drawing, painting
  • Jewelry making
  • and more!

Ella Williquette, a UW-Madison art student involved in the branding process of Wheelhouse, comments on the opening, “I’m really excited, it’s going to be a great way to bring art to the average person. The free space will bring in people that would initially be hesitant and get them to see the value of art in everyday life.”

Wheelhouse Studios is on the lower level of the west wing in Memorial Union and will have classes throughout the summer but will be fully open to the public this fall.

Outdoor UW

May 10th - Sunset Saturdays (1)

Outdoor rentals + outdoor education programs + Hoofers = Outdoor UW

If you’re itching for some outdoor adventure in your life, Outdoor UW is the brand for you. Similar to Wheelhouse Studios, Outdoor UW is a brand that brings together a collection of parts: outdoor rentals, outdoor education programs and Hoofers clubs. The rental program has been around in various years but has expanded with the concept of Outdoor UW. In order to make the rental process more accessible to community members, Outdoor UW rentals was redesigned to be a quick and easy way to get in touch with your outdoorsy side.

Outdoor UW is the Home of Hoofers

Hoofers has been a longstanding part of the Union since the early phases of its opening. Outdoor UW will not only be keeping the Hoofers tradition alive, it will offer the organization a home base and direct connection to the Union. How is Hoofers different from Outdoor UW? Hoofers offers 6 clubs including skiing, sailing and mountaineering that give students and Union members the opportunity to be an active member of an outdoor-loving community. Outdoor UW offers rentals and education programs for community members that are looking for outdoor experiences without the commitment of joining a club. What is the payment process? Hoofers charge membership dues per semester while Outdoor UW offers rentals at an hourly rate and classes at a registration rate.

You can rent…ouw1

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle boards
  • Tents

The education programs include…

  • Intro to paddle boarding
  • Intro to canoeing
  • Camping skills
  • Paddle board yoga
  • and more!

Tommy Lindeman, UW-Madison student staff member of Outdoor UW, says, “If you’re a novice or looking to kick start outdoor enthusiasm, Outdoor UW is the place to do it.”

The entrance to Outdoor UW is right off the Terrace underneath the new upper Terrace area.

What do Wheelhouse Studios and Outdoor UW have in common?

They are available for anyone–including beginners

Plain and simple: all programs, equipment and workshops are open for anyone! Union members and students have a discounted rate, but all community members are welcome to Wheelhouse Studios and Outdoor UW.

They open this summer!

Wheelhouse will be starting a class June 3, with classes slowly starting throughout the summer and into the fall. The space will be open to the public starting this fall. Grand opening events for Outdoor UW’s first full summer will be June 2-June 6, kicking off a season of rentals, programs and more.

Needless to say the space, the programs and the amenities of these two brands are just another reason to pick up a hobby this summer.


To see the upcoming Union openings in a group, click here. What are you most excited for? Please share in the comments below!

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