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Brewin’ Up an Even Better Peet’s Experience

We’re brewin’ up something special for you, our patrons, at Memorial Union: a new, even better Peet’s Coffee experience at Memorial Union that we anticipate will open in late spring. 

If you’ve visited Memorial Union recently, you may have seen temporary walls in front of Peet’s Coffee and that we’ve moved Peet’s Coffee menu options temporarily to the nearby café the Daily Scoop. 

We promise, what is behind those walls will be worth the wait. Here’s what we’re doing to enhance your Peet’s Coffee experience:

  • We’re doubling our capacity. Yes, that’s right. Your favorite coffee drinks, teas and hot chocolates are coming back and will be ready faster than before. 
  • We’re changing up the flow. The new Peet’s Coffee will have a brand-new layout, making it easier to find where the line to caffeinated goodness and house-made pastries begins and ends and where to wait for your purchases as well as giving you more waiting area space. 

While we await the return of Peet’s Coffee in its usual location, all the food and beverages you love can be found at the Daily Scoop at Memorial Union. And, we’re just going to put it out there: ice cream pairs really well with coffee. 

If you haven’t tried our house-made pastries, bagels, sandwiches, and cookies, you are missing some delicious opportunities. Our chefs have created some out-of-this-world recipes, including bagels with the perfect amount of slightly crispy crust surrounding a soft, pillowy center; flaky, butter croissants; and cookies with the perfect ratios of saltiness and sweetness. 

And don’t forget to explore all of our locations with coffee and other beverages in downtown Madison! In addition to the temporary Daily Scoop Peet’s spot, here are some others that are near or in Memorial Union! 

For a full list of our dining options, visit union.wisc.edu/dine.

Peet’s Coffee before our renovations. Stay tuned for the after!

Author: Shauna Breneman

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