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Unleash the Magic and Possibilities this Day of the Badger

Help us unleash the magic and the possibilities of leadership, learning and gathering during the 2024 Day of the Badger.


What is Day of Badger, you ask? It’s an annual call to you, our Badgers and Badgers-at-heart around the world, to give to campus efforts you believe in.

It all begins at 10:12 a.m. CDT on April 16 and runs until 5 p.m. CDT on April 17 (1,848 minutes in honor of the year the University of Wisconsin–Madison was established).


Here, at the Wisconsin Union, we work every day to make magic happen and create a world of possibilities for both our student leaders and the people that enjoy our spaces and experiences.

Madison Jazz Fest, photo by Andy Manis

A world of possibilities opens up to students when they join our student-led programming board, the Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD). We empower them to dream big in their creation of experiences for the community, and they come through every year, bringing magical performing arts events, incredible thought leaders and unique learning and recreation opportunities to our spaces.

The possibilities for these students not only include creating amazing experiences for a lifetime but also unmatched professional development opportunities. Students are part of every step of the programming process, learning everything from finance to event management along the way. They also are learning vital leadership and life skills, such as how to work and thrive as a team, problem-solving, time management and effective communication. What they create with everything they learn and the tools we give them is truly magical.


During Day of the Badger, we ask you to join us in support of the people behind the magic of the Wisconsin Union and in keeping our more than 110-year legacy of magical experiences going. We invite you to learn about the giving opportunities we’re highlighting during Day of the Badger:

André De Shields Fund

Help us hold programming that features the art and stories of historically underrepresented students with unique perspectives and extraordinary ideas. Gifts to this fund provide students with the opportunity to develop, design, produce, and perform artistic works alongside mentors, teachers, and professionals. Thanks to the generosity of Thompson Investment Management, up to $5,000 of gifts will be matched; the difference you make will be multiplied!

Undergraduate Student Success Fund

Support students’ out-of-classroom learning with your donations to this Fund. Your gift provides students with opportunities to engage in experimental learning, high-impact practices, and the development of intercultural competence. Thanks to the generosity of the Wisconsin Union Association, up to $10,000 of gifts will be matched; the difference you make will be multiplied!

Wisconsin Singers

The Wisconsin Singers are known as the “Official Ambassadors of Goodwill” of UW–Madison, and your donations to the Singers help the ensemble travel around Wisconsin, bringing art to many communities and supporting the learning and leadership that happens as part of the Singers’ efforts.

Wisconsin Union Annual Fund

Your gift to the Wisconsin Union Annual Fund helps make sure our experiences are accessible to all patrons. It is critical to the continuing of our traditions and the memory-making opportunities and to helping those who gather find a sense of community and belonging. Thanks to the generosity of Lynn Abbott and Emil and Eloisa Sanchez, up to $10,000 of gifts will be matched; the difference you make will be multiplied!


We are a little different from most of the efforts you will be called to support during Day of the Badger in that we do not receive taxpayer dollars as part of our regular budget for our community events or student leadership efforts. That’s right. Your support through purchases at our buildings, Memorial Union and Union South, and your gifts make what we do possible.

During this Day of the Badger, here are the ways you can make a difference:

  • Make your tax-deductible gift.
  • Share how you feel connected to the Wisconsin Union, and encourage others to make a gift to the Union on your social media accounts or through email.
  • Share this story on your social media accounts.

Join us in helping unleash the magic and the possibilities at the Wisconsin Union.

Author: Shauna Breneman

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