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Travel, Learn, and Lead on the Wisconsin Experience Bus Trip

Want to tour Wisconsin’s top sites, hear from accomplished leaders across the state, learn more about your leadership style, and make new friends – all for free?

Of course you do! Welcome to the Wisconsin Experience Bus Trip, or WEBT, a weeklong event hosted by the Center for Leadership & Involvement each year after the end of the spring semester. This year’s statewide extravaganza will take place May 13-17.

The adventure starts in Madison, Wisconsin, before student participants set off on five days of hands-on leadership training, learning, and eye-opening experiences. In the past, WEBT stops have included destinations such as the Apostle Islands, Lac du Flambeau, Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy, and more!

It’s your chance to meet and hear from some of the region’s top leaders in business, nonprofit work, government, activism, and agriculture. You’ll hone in on your top skills and discover the pathways those skills can open up as you plan your future. There are dozens of ways to be a leader – participating in WEBT is the first step to finding out what type you are.

“The aspect of WEBT that was most impactful to me was being around other leaders, whether it be my fellow WEBT participants or the leaders that we were introduced to,” says Viktoria Sakman, a 2023 WEBT participant. “There are so many different ways to be a leader and you don’t need to be outgoing and extroverted to be an effective leader.”

Want a taste of what it’s like to be on the Wisconsin Experience Bus Trip before you apply? Here are some snapshots from past years!

“I enjoyed getting questions answered by community leaders. As leaders of our own organizations, we hardly get the chance to look into other organizations and get in touch with other leaders on issues and solutions about leadership.” -Yungian Hannah Huang, WEBT participant

“Overall, the interactions and experiences gained during this trip go beyond the mere completion of tasks. They provide valuable insights into leadership dynamics, the power of effective communication, and the significance of personal charisma. These invaluable details contribute to a comprehensive understanding of leadership that extends beyond theoretical knowledge.” -Keke Long, WEBT participant

“I haven’t ever worked with a group of people like I did on this trip before. Yes, I’ve done leadership training with instructors that worked closely with their favorite people in tricky mock situations, but this was for inquisitive people who didn’t necessarily want the good looks on documentation of partaking in this and was free-flowing with real world experiences. I have learned much more here than I would have in any other structured leadership course.” -Hailey Frantz, WEBT participant

“The reflection groups at night really helped me grow my leadership skills, because I learned how to examine different scenarios or issues leaders face and learned from my peers. Consequently, I feel more equipped to handle difficult situations and ensure I can be an effective leader in my clubs for the organization itself and the other members in it.” -Isabelle Bubnick, WEBT participant

“Interacting with people of different perspectives, cultures, and experiences enriches our communication and broadens our understanding of the world. Through this diverse group, we had the chance to learn from one another, gaining insights and knowledge that we may not have otherwise encountered. Our interactions fostered empathy, promoted inclusivity, and challenged our own biases, leading to personal growth and a more comprehensive worldview.” -Iris Wu, WEBT participant.

2024’s WEBT will take place May 13-17 – apply today to kick off your summer break with adventure and leadership-building!

Want to be a part of this year’s Wisconsin Experience Bus Trip? Apply at cfli.wisc.edu/webt by March 3. For more information on student leadership opportunities at UW–Madison, visit cfli.wisc.edu.

Author: Madeleine Carr

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