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Through Union, We Gain Strength

This week marks the beginning of a new academic year together. While much has and will likely change, there’s still so much that hasn’t. We are still part of a campus community with incredible, dedicated students and campus colleagues with an unwavering commitment to the success of University of Wisconsin-Madison students. And we still have a wonderfully supportive family of members, whose kind words and understanding as we navigate uncertainty have meant so much to our team at the Wisconsin Union. No matter where each of us finds ourselves or how we serve our campus community members, Wisconsin Union members and guests, we are still a community, and we are still united. None of us is alone, no matter the miles distances that may separate us. Through union, we gain strength. We have created wallpapers in acknowledgment of our continued unity and belief that together, we are stronger and can make a difference.

Computer Wallpaper
Computer Wallpaper
Phone Wallpaper

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