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Trustee Stories: Lucy Lloyd

Wisconsin Union Associate trustee Lucy Lloyd is no stranger to the Wisconsin Union’s Memorial Union Terrace. Growing up in Madison, she has seen the Terrace change over decades with the addition of a new restaurant, new programming and much more. But, she says, the heart of the Terrace that beats for the people it serves and for learning has never changed.

“There’s an energy about Madison that you don’t find everywhere. People are very committed to learning and ideas, and the Terrace is no exception,” Lucy said.

Lucy’s experiences with the Terrace are inseparably interwoven with memories of her friends and family. Her father was a member of the Iron Cross Society, and her sisters held positions within the Union from president to librarian.

The family motto was built on working hard and remaining dedicated to your craft, so, it’s no surprise that Lucy spent most of her time at the Union working and building foundational skills to last a lifetime. Lucy is part of the Union’s more than 110-year legacy of serving the community with social education learning and leadership opportunities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Student leadership and skills-building opportunities can be found in every corner of both Memorial Union and Union South, from the student employment positions in the dining options to the student leadership opportunities through events.

Lucy Lloyd (pictured first row, right) takes part in the unveiling of a plaque designating Memorial Union’s place on the National Register of Historic Places.

And it is, in part, because of her own strong work ethic that Lucy believes student employment opportunities at the Union are one of its most important features.

“The Union provides students the opportunity to gain transferable job skills, and those experiences are essential,” Lucy said.

Lucy continues to dedicate her strong work ethic to the Wisconsin Union in her roles as a Wisconsin Union Association trustee and as chair of the Association’s Membership Committee. Lucy and fellow trustees act as stewards of the Wisconsin Union’s heritage and ideals while encouraging positive change, innovation, growth and financial support. Without their support, the Union would not be able to provide students with the invaluable learning opportunities Lucy and so many other Union supporters hold dear.

Thanks, in part, to donations of time and dollars, the Union is able to operate without the use of any taxpayer dollars. From more than 2,300-student led events each year to providing spaces for meetings and special events, it’s all made possible because of community support.

For information about some of the giving opportunities at the Wisconsin Union and how to volunteer for the Union, please click here, or contact Dan Plummer, annual gifts manager, at (608) 890-1997 or dplummer@wisc.edu.

This July, Lucy and her husband Tom will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, and their love story began at the Memorial Union. Learn more about their story here.

To learn more about the Wisconsin Union Association and the Association’s trustees, visit union.wisc.edu/wisconsin-union-association.

Author: Jade Anthony

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