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Top 5 Holiday Picks from our Editors

The countdown is on! The holidays will be here before we know it, so now is the time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and family. Whether they’re an alum, a Madison-resident or just a Terrace fanatic, sharing a little piece of the Wisconsin Union can make the perfect gift. Direct from our Terrace Views writers and editors, here are some of our top picks for Union-themed holiday presents! 

Go Big with a Wisconsin Union Membership | From Dawn, Membership Manager

“I’m the Membership Manager, so this may be obvious, but seriously – what other gift can you give that someone will have for the rest of their life? A Wisconsin Union membership gives the recipient a lifetime of access to members-only events, early registration for events that consistently sell out, and discounts on experiences at Wheelhouse Studios, Outdoor UW and the Wisconsin Union Theater. And you can feel really good about giving a membership because membership sales directly support the amazing entertainment and experiences offered year-round at the Wisconsin Union, as well as the incredible student directors who head up the committees that assemble all of that terrific, diverse programming. The most you’ll pay is $275, even less if you’re purchasing for an alumnus (as low as $50 for a new graduate), and that’s for a lifetime membership! It’s the best deal out there, to be sure.”

Bonus note: Existing Wisconsin Union lifetime members can purchase a lifetime membership for their partner for just $75.

Give the Gift of Experience | From Erika, Marketing Specialist

“In a world where people already have so many things, I’m all about giving experiences that my loved ones can remember for a lifetime. I’d recommend gifting a pair of tickets to an upcoming performance at the Wisconsin Union Theater or even going all-out with a Build-Your-Own subscription. My two top choices for performances: the exciting jazz collaboration put on by Blue Note Records to celebrate their 85th anniversary on January 26 or the one-of-a-kind dance performance by the Ronald K. Brown / EVIDENCE dance troupe on February 18.”

Take the Terrace With You Wherever You Go | From Shauna, Communications Manager

No matter where in the world your loved ones are, the Mini Terrace Chairs allow you to share a piece of the iconic Memorial Union Terrace with them. The Mini Terrace Chairs come in a variety of colors to choose from, including my personal favorite, the limited edition Cow Print. Make sure to stop into a Badger Market or visit the Terrace Store online to collect your a giftable Terrace Chair. Your friends and family never have to worry about being homesick or missing the Terrace with this little chair on their desk or coffee table. For an added bonus, pick up one of the matching Mini Terrace Tables to make it a set!”

Accessorize With the Terrace this Holiday Season | From Beth, Communications Associate

“If you’re looking for an adorable stocking stuffer that’ll spice up a favorite jacket or backpack, make sure to snag one (or a few!) of the Terrace Lovers Custom Cut Enamel Pins. The pins represent the various quintessential symbols of the Memorial Union Terrace. Who wouldn’t want to show off a mini Terrace Brat on their bag? You can get your hands on a classic orange Terrace Chair pin, an Ice Cream Cone pin representing the Daily Scoop, a teal colored Terrace Script pin, or a Terrace Brat pin. Make sure to grab a few of your favorite Terrace pin emblems to gift to family and friends this upcoming holiday season!”

Cozy Up – Union Style | From Madeleine, Communications Coordinator

“Don’t get mad, but winter is one of my favorite seasons. I know, it’s cold and snowy and our beloved Terrace chairs are hibernating, but that just makes it easier to enjoy warming up inside while the snow falls. The online Terrace Store has some of the softest cozies around – I have several items myself – and make for the perfect gift for the Terrace-lover in your life while they await the advent of the 2024 Terrace season.”

Looking for even more gift inspiration? Head to our holiday gift page

Author: Erika Stevens

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