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The Perfect Pair: WASB & Revelry



G-Eazy performing at the 2014 Revelry Music & Arts Festival. Photo Courtesy of the Wisconsin Union.

Students and the community will celebrate the warm weather and the end of the school year with Badgeroo and Revelry Music & Arts Festival. These events are a result of the shared mission of the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board and Revelry staff.

Wisconsin Union Directorate Memorial Union Entertainment’s Revelry Music & Arts Festival and WASB’s All Campus Party are events that take place every spring to celebrate the hard work students contribute all year and to create a smooth transition into finals.

“Both Revelry and WASB were approached by the Division of Student Life because we have the same vision,” said Revelry Executive Director Ben Arden. “We then got to work on ways to create a functioning relationship.”

Ben explained how at first it was difficult to link the two organizations, but through Badgeroo, one of WASB’s All Campus Party events, they were able to create the connection and reach more students than in prior years. Badgeroo is a student music competition where the winner will open for Revelry.

“It is so great to have another student group as support and to bounce ideas off of,” Ben said. “I really hope this relationship will carry on in the future.”

Badgeroo will take place on Wednesday, April 29 from 6-8 p.m. in the Sett at Union South. The event will feature nine performances by student bands, dance groups and individual performers. After all the performances, there will be a phone number given at the event for a text-in vote to decide who will be invited to the Revelry stage on Saturday, May 2.

Matt Schabel, a vocalist and guitar player in North Breese, one of the bands competing in Badgeroo said he loves how the crowd will be incorporated, ultimately deciding who will perform on the big stage on Saturday. He believes this will draw greater interest in Revelry.

“I had no idea what to expect and I was a little nervous as the Revelry committee isn’t picking the student performer,” Ben said. “After attending a couple of the preliminary auditions I was blown away and surprised by the diversity of talent that we have on campus.”

“It is awesome that they are trying to include local acts at Revelry. I think students around campus are trying to find area bands,” Matt said.

“Local music is so special and something that is celebrated throughout Madison,” said Bex Schulman, one of the creators and co-chair of WASB’s Badgeroo event.

Bex explained how WASB jumped at the opportunity to make their event centered around Revelry and that it is an amazing opportunity for aspiring student artists.

As partners, WASB and Revelry make their events more cohesive by boosting awareness and attendance.

“Students are supporting students and celebrating the talent of our valued campus community,” Bex said.

Which All Campus Party and Revelry event are you looking forward to most? Share in the comments section below!

Author: Gabrielle DiBenedetto

Gabrielle DiBenedetto is a UW-Madison junior double majoring in Journalism and Economics. She can be seen studying or chatting with friends in the Sun Garden at Union South with a bowl of Babcock ice cream.

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