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Sending off our Seniors: Andrew Bulovsky

Union South Plaza

Union South Plaza


With graduation day this Saturday bringing in a new alumni class, we are taking time to acknowledge some of the many sensational seniors here at the Wisconsin Union. Throughout all of May we will be highlighting these individuals, asking them to reflect back on their time here at UW-Madison and what they are looking forward to in the future. Today we are featuring Andrew Bulovsky, the Vice President for Public Relations here at the Union, Associated Students of Madison (ASM) Senior Class Vice President and Marshall Scholarship recipient.

Name: Andrew BulovskyAndrew Bulovsky

Thinking about your days as a UW student…

Role in the Union/Union committee:

Vice-President for Public Relations

Top 3 favorite things about Madison:

  • Picnic Point
  • The Capitol
  • State Street

Proudest achievement at UW:

My work in ASM. I spent 3 years in the student government and served campus during the 2012-2013 school year as the ASM Chair. During this time I truly came to appreciate public service and working with others to achieve common goals.

Favorite event in the Union you were a part of:

Crowd at the Revelry Music and Arts Festival on May 3rd, 2014.

Crowd at the Revelry Music and Arts Festival on May 3rd, 2014.

I was really happy to be part of the WUDstock event, where we marketed WUD to campus and reminded everyone of what WUD has done for students this year.

Go-to Madison meal:

Penne Rose at Noodles & Company

Favorite past-time:

Going on runs around Monona Bay

Favorite Babcock ice cream flavor:

Blue Moon

One thing you wish you could relive:

I wish I could relive my study abroad trip to London, where I interned in the British Parliament. It was amazing to study abroad and I loved learning about British politics.

Looking ahead…

The London School of Economics Libary Photo courtesy of the LSE Flickr page

The London School of Economics Libary
Photo courtesy of the LSE Flickr page

Plans after graduation:

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a 2014 Marshall Scholarship and will therefore be starting graduate school in Political Science this coming fall at the London School of Economics.

What you are looking forward to after graduation:

While in graduate school, I hope to find some time to travel around. I’d love to visit other parts of Europe besides the United Kingdom.

What are you nervous about after graduation:

I’m nervous about being away from Wisconsin since I’ve been here my whole life. I grew up in Lodi, WI and have never really been away for very long.

What you will miss most about UW Madison:

I’ll miss the fall when the weather is perfectly pleasant and the wind isn’t fierce.

Most valuable lessons and experiences you’ve had at the Union:

I’ll take away the understanding that if you have passion in an area of campus life or in a subject, there are ways to productively channel that interest and use it to give back to other students who have similar interests. I’ve met many brilliant people who truly believe in the power of giving back—and I won’t forget that.

One thing you hope to see from yourself:

I hope to eventually move back to the Midwest and raise kids who want to go to UW-Madison.

Want to congratulate this senior, share your experiences or acknowledge another graduating Badger you know? Please comment below!


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