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Behind the Scenes at the Union: Scott Faulkner

The Wisconsin Union Hotel & Club Suites offer guests overnight stays for a lifetime right on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Scott Faulkner, the Wisconsin Union hotel manager, is one of the team members behind the scenes of it all, constantly striving to make your time at our hotels unforgettable. We met up with Scott to learn about his experience in the hospitality industry and his time at the Union.

Wisconsin Union Hotel room at Union South

What does a day-in-the-life look like for you at the Union?

A typical day will start with reviewing all the reservations and schedules to make sure that everything is properly booked and that things will run smoothly for the guests. We want our guests to have a relaxing and effortless stay with us.

What were you doing before joining the Union team?

I’ve been in the hotel business for 45 years. I knew when I graduated from college that I was going to come and work for my dad, who owned The Edgewater, a hotel in Madison. Eventually I took over the Edgewater myself in 1996. It was in my blood, and it’s all I’ve ever done. In the end, I sold The Edgewater with the intention of retiring, but, as you can see, that didn’t happen!

Scott Faulkner, Wisconsin Union hotel manager

How would you compare your time at the Union to your time at The Edgewater?

The big difference is the support staff we have here at the Union. There’s technology support, a maintenance department, and dining services, and they all don’t require my direct supervision and upkeep. At The Edgewater, I had to be a jack of all trades, and, here at the Union, it’s a relief to know that there is so much support. The Union student staff are also a blast to work with. We operate with a good sense of humor, looking at the lighter side of things, and the students are a perfect fit for that.

What do you like the most about the hospitality industry?

The thing I like best is the blend between the front of the house and back of the house. You have people working hard to make each customer’s experience incredible, and it’s amazing when you see that hard work translating into a great stay for our guests. I get to see the positive influences of the work we do. It also keeps our team accountable to our employees’ workplace satisfaction; you need to have happy employees, or you won’t have happy customers.

What is the best feature or service of the Wisconsin Union Hotel & Club Suites?

Wisconsin Union Club Suite at Memorial Union

Location. Location. Location. You either are next door to Camp Randall at the Wisconsin Union Hotel at Union South or lakefront at the Wisconsin Union Club Suites at Memorial Union. Both are great locations that offer different benefits. Game days are right outside your front door at the Union Hotel, and the Terrace is your backyard at the Club Suites.

When not helping create unforgettable experiences at the Union, Scott can be found golfing, going out to dinner with his wife, or socializing at parties.

To learn more about the Wisconsin Union Hotel & Club Suites, please visit union.wisc.edu/visit/stay-at-the-union.

Author: Jade Anthony

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