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Pick a Lane: Group Bowling at Sett Recreation

“The thrill of victory, and agony of defeat. The human drama of athletic competition”: The Wisconsin Union membership office’s bowling outing to Sett Recreation.

Okay, it wasn’t quite that dramatic. We decided to take a page out of our own book and go on a team building outing to Union South’s Sett Recreation bowling alley. Here’s how it went:

Early Thursday afternoon happened to be a fantastic time to go to the Sett bowling alley. We were only the group there and, while we only needed one lane, we could’ve easily used more had we required it. While only a few members of our group decided to bowl, the others had plenty of space to sit comfortably and watch without being separated from our group.

Our group of five bowlers had no trouble getting their bowling shoes (note: socks are NOT optional!) or finding that perfectly sized bowling ball. Sett Rec had all the equipment we needed to go head to head in a bowling match for the ages (or a casual game between coworkers –your choice).

We weren’t rushed for time in any way. A group reservation provided unlimited frames of bowling during our time slot. An hour and a half was plenty for the 2 frames that we played (snack breaks included!).

Speaking of snacks, our group quickly realized that our pure athleticism was tiring us out; we required some fuel. Luckily, there is food available just steps away from the bowling alley, including mini corn dogs and quesadillas. Delicious and inexpensive, the food options will please everyone in your group, just as it did ours!

Intern Jordan with a strike!

The truth is that most of us were terrible bowlers. For some of us, it was gutter ball after gutter ball, with the occasional miracle strike or spare. Other members of our team were breaking 100 and outscoring all of us, but it didn’t matter, because we had a great time. And you will too!

Whether they love bowling or not, your group will have a fantastic time and grow together as they experience the highs and lows of 10 frames of bowling fun (or 20, or 30! However many you can squeeze into the reserved time).

Is normal bowling just not exciting enough for your team? You can try glow-in-the-dark bowling at no additional cost or ask about our customizable music options. All for no additional cost!

And speaking of cost, a Wisconsin Union bowling outing is a fantastic deal at only $24.50 per lane! That’s unlimited bowling for an hour, including shoe rentals, for up to 6 people! You’ll be hard pressed to find more fun for less.

And for those in your group who aren’t interested in bowling, Sett Rec also has pool tables, air hockey, board games and a rock climbing wall to please anyone that you bring with you.

Team building doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. Take your next group meeting, appreciation event, or party to the next level and host it at the Wisconsin Union! More information can be found here about pricing and how to reserve your space.

Sett Recreation is just one of our many opportunities for group outings! Other private group outing options include Outdoor UW private yoga classes or paddling adventures and Wheelhouse Studios projects such as painting or pottery! Learn more about all of our group activity options here!

Author: Maddie Boulanger

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