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A New Vibe on the Terrace: Our Pop Culture Campaign

You may have noticed a new vibe on the Terrace… one that pops. Our new pop culture-based Terrace messaging campaign highlights the excitement you feel at the Terrace with a new spin focusing on how to stay safe in light of COVID-19 at this space we all know and love.

It all started when the Wisconsin Union Marketing team was tasked with coming up with a clever way to announce the Terrace summer reopening while educating our community about our new processes. That’s no small task. Wisconsin Union Marketing Specialist, Isabel Finn, began thinking about how one magical part of the Union is our music, film and art programming and how they could exist in Terrace season while we can’t hold in-person events.

The project transformed during a meeting with Wisconsin Union Marketing Director Vicki Keegan and Project and Production Manager Jessica Seeland when Isabel began to explain her idea.

“What if we took famous, pop culture references and combined them with important health and safety information? Pair something more glamorous with a common safety message. For instance, take physical distancing. We find a song that has lyrics about physical distancing in it,’” Isabel said during the meeting.

Jessica added, “Yes, like, ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me,’ by The Police!” 

And history was made.

Working closely with Jessica and Social Media and Marketing Assistant Karly Nelson ‘20, the team came up with many references that would work on digital signage, printed signage and social media graphics.

Now, the team continues to work on the project with ideas popping into their heads every day. The pop culture campaign also ties in with our new retro-inspired Terrace brand which you can see on our website, social media, out on the Terrace, and on our new summer apparel.

Terrace Summer 2020 Tee — Limited Edition

“This project has given me the opportunity to really get creative and experiment with copy and voice, and, for that, I am extremely grateful,” Karly said.

Isabel hopes this messaging effort reminds Terrace lovers of important health and safety measures to take at this time while also creating laughter and inspiring reflection on the fun, beautiful Terrace environment.

“The spirit of collaboration seen while working on this campaign is just one of the many reasons I’m proud to work at the Wisconsin Union,” Jessica said.

We can’t wait for you to visit the Terrace this summer. To make a reservation on OpenTable and learn more about the 2020 Terrace season, click here.

Author: Katherine Kermgard

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