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Member Exclusive Wheelhouse Classes this Fall


Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Union.

Wheelhouse Studios has a plethora of classes that are accessible to the public, but did you know about the various classes exclusive to members? Head director of Wheelhouse Jay Ekleberry compiled a list of some of the best offerings this Fall.

Autumn WI Cheese Tour

SAT, 9:00am – 6:00pm, 10/10

A road trip of cheese and fall colors – a unique Wisconsin opportunity. We will spend the day touring southern Wisconsin concentrating on cheese. Stops will include a museum cheese factory, a farm-based gourmet cheese provider, the Historic Cheesemaking Center in Monroe, and finally a chance to accept the Limburger sandwich challenge at Baumgartner’s. Course fee includes transportation (departs from campus) and admission fees. Enjoy the cheese and fall colors and leave the driving to us!

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Yogurt Making + Cooking

SUN Noon-4 pm, 10/11

An informative, comprehensive, technical, and hands on guide to making yogurt and yogurt-products. Beyond covering the production and the principles governing fermentation of milk to make yogurt we will cover skills specific to yogurt usage in a five-course meal. Join Chef Sabi for a yogurt making and cooking experience.

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Sacred Spaces/ Haunted Places

SAT, 9:00am – 6:30pm, 10/31

A unique way to start your Halloween day celebrations. Spend a day touring southern/southwestern Wisconsin and NW Illinois to visit several sites that have become special places in the heart of one who takes the road less traveled. During the journey we will visit the ghost towns of Exeter and Exeter Union Cemetery, Moscow. Haunted places? Then we will travel on to Bloody Lake near Woodford, WI. Sacred and haunted? From Woodford we will travel to New Diggings, WI where we will visit an old time bar and the oldest Masonic Hall in Wisconsin. Time permitting we may visit the Matthew Kelly Church and the Father Kelley’s home and/or travel on to Council Hills, Illinois. On the return trip we will stop at Hauge Lutheran Church near Daleyville. Explore sacred and haunted spaces – join us for a unique outing.

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Author: Jake Witz

Jake Witz is a UW-Madison sophomore double majoring in English and Computer Science. You can catch him watching his favorite bands perform at the Rath or if you squint really hard you can spot him kayaking on Lake Mendota.

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