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Student Leadership at Wheelhouse Studios

Throw on your art smock because we’re heading down to Wheelhouse Studios to meet the fantastic students who make it all possible.

Wheelhouse Studios, located on the lower-level at Memorial Union, is an art studio that is open to the public, but free for students and discounted for Union members.

Wheelhouse offers open studio time, special art events, a ceramics studio and even classes. From drawing and painting to jewelry and glass art, there is something for everyone, and most classes are taught by amazing student leaders. (Find the complete catalog of Wheelhouse classes here!)

One such student is Yeline Del Carmen, a rising senior studying Environmental Science. When she’s not working as a creative consultant at Wheelhouse, she’s likely studying with friends, working out, trying something new in the kitchen or checking out different events around campus.

In her position, Del Carmen works to help customers purchase art materials and use the studios, as well as collaborates with her co-workers to come up with new ideas to engage the community.

Working for Wheelhouse, Del Carmen gets to know the regular customers and observe their progress.

“I love walking through the studios and seeing what people are working on,” Del Carmen said. “Every day the projects I see are so different and unique to the individual.”

Even if you have no experience at all, drop down to Memorial Union’s lower level and make a creation that is all your own.

“My favorite part of working at Wheelhouse is the creative ambience that we encourage. There are no rules to art making,” Del Carmen said. “I’ve seen so many people pick up a paintbrush for the first time and simply create a masterpiece! Art is a verb, you just gotta do it.”

They even offer free events like Free Art Fridays and the Summer Terrace Art Zone, where every Wednesday from June 13-July 25th Wheelhouse hosts free art events at the Terrace.

The summer event that Del Carmen is most excited for? The Terrace Paintacular!

“We serve over 200 people and it’s just amazing seeing the entire terrace covered with paint palettes, canvases, and everyone having a great time,” Del Carmen.  (Last year’s Paintacular served over 800!)

Stop by the Terrace on Labor Day, Sept. 3rd, from 6-8pm and partake in the Terrace Paintacular festivities with the Wheelhouse community.

If you can’t make it on Labor Day, don’t worry. Wheelhouse is open every day from noon-10pm. Grab your friends and head downstairs to get creative and meet their amazing student employees. Plan your visit to Wheelhouse Studios here.

Author: Maddie Boulanger

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