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Lakefront Marina Project to enhance experiences for a lifetime

Originated in 1939, the Hoofer Sailing Club at the Wisconsin Union has been a long-time, integral part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison outdoor experience. From lessons to youth programs, the club provides a wide variety of sailing experiences for people of all ages.

The current infrastructure used by the sailing club has been in place for almost 40 years, but natural wear and tear has deteriorated the piers.

The vision for the Lakefront Pier, Marina and Greenspace Project was born in 2015. The Union team is aiming to replace all infrastructure used by the Sailing Club. The team will remove existing piers early in the fall of 2018 when fittings for new piers will be poured. New piers will be built during the winter and installed in the spring of 2019.

“Aside from efficiency and safety, the new piers will allow us to store some of our boats on the docks rather than on land,” said Sailing Club Commodore Mills Botham. “This will give us more on-land space for programming such as the summer youth program.”

The new system will have built-in power and water, making washing boats more convenient as hoses will no longer have to be run down from the Union.

The project will also provide the public with a new greenspace. Located to the west of Memorial Union, a park featuring picnic tables and benches will be available for public use.

“This new space will improve the whole aesthetic of the lakefront,” Botham said.

This effort to make the lakefront near Memorial Union even more beautiful and more incredible will be funded exclusively by donations. Those interested in supporting this project may do so here.

Author: Marissa Sugrue

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