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How to: Interacting with Animals on the Terrace

While sitting on the Memorial Union Terrace and enjoying a cold beverage and the warm Madison summer sun, you will likely see a variety of other guests enjoying the bustle and scenery.

But more than just human guests visit the Terrace. It is home to ducks, geese, songbirds, loons and squirrels, as well. These animals are wild and share the space with the guests that flock to the Terrace each day. They’re our unscheduled entertainment here at the Memorial Union. This can be fun and enjoyable, but, in order to coexist, you’ve gotta know the dos and don’ts of interacting with Terrace wildlife.

First and foremost, feeding wild animals is not permitted on the Terrace. It is a popular to feed ducks bread. However, the nutrients in bread do not support a duck’s diet and can lead to malnourishment and illness. It’s better to let them be, and enjoy them from a distance.

The smaller songbirds are harmless and often land quite close on your table or on nearby chairs and walls. But they shouldn’t be fed either, for similar reasons. The same goes for the squirrels, which are crafty and find their food quite easily without help.

If you are walking on nearby Lakeshore Path in the summer, you may come across some geese with a flock of goslings in tow. Geese are protective of their young, and will hiss at any pedestrian that comes too close. Give them a wide berth, and let them pass.

We know our furry and feathered Terrace wildlife are cute, but for their sake and ours, leave them be. This frees up your time to do what Terrace life is all about; sit back, relax and enjoy Terrace season.

Author: Mason Muerhoff

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