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Hoofers Youth Program Teaches Sailing, Leadership and More

Kids in the Hoofer Youth Program setting sail. Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Hoofers.

There’s a fleet of sailors taking Mendota by storm this summer, but they’re not your typical Hoofer Sailing member. They’re smaller, younger and part of the Wisconsin Union’s Hoofer Youth program. Together with their older Hoofer counterparts, kids utilize the program to spend their summers out on the open waters of Lake Mendota.

The Hoofer Youth Program offers children (ages 10-18) of Wisconsin Union Members the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of sailing, kayaking and various water sports with the help of Hoofer instructors. From the fundamentals of sail boating to advanced racing and windsurfing, there are classes aimed for every skill level and watersport interest.

Sailing skills aren’t the only lessons being taught during the summer courses. An emphasis is also put on teaching communication, self-reliance and sportsmanship through water sports. Participants learn how to operate boats as a team for racing, which requires equal amounts teamwork, listening and quick decision making.

Area children from all walks of life get a chance to work and learn with each other in an environment that’s both exciting and challenging; sailing a boat isn’t easy by any means, but Hoofers makes the learning process both enriching and fun.

To learn more about the details of the program and to apply, visit the Hoofers Youth Program Website. Note that limited needs-based scholarships are also available.

Author: Jake Witz

Jake Witz is a UW-Madison sophomore double majoring in English and Computer Science. You can catch him watching his favorite bands perform at the Rath or if you squint really hard you can spot him kayaking on Lake Mendota.

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