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The Return of Union South’s Harvest Grains

It is safe to say, Harvest Grains is back and at the top of my list for UW–Madison dining options.  

Where Union South is home to students’ favorite study spots and recreational activities, the bustling center also contains some of the best restaurants on campus. For the past couple years, the storefront between Ginger Root and South Cantina stayed vacant, patiently waiting for a revamp of the University’s once beloved Harvest Grains restaurant. This spring 2024, however, Harvest Grains made a comeback. With sustainable, nutritious and hardy menu items, Harvest Grains consists of featured pastas, salads, appetizers and the option to build your own bowl.  

Among the rich menu, the Asian Chicken Salad jumped out to me at first glance. The bowl contains red cabbage, edamame, red peppers, green onions, toasted sesame seeds and crispy fried chicken over a bed of lettuce. The Harvest Grains team tops it off with sesame ginger dressing, which ultimately creates the perfect combination of flavors. As a salad lover, I highly recommend.  

Additionally, the kind staff advised me to try the Chicken Parmesan Pasta bowl, alluding to the fact that this is what they are known for. As a past restaurant employee, I know better than to pass up menu suggestions from the workers who know the kitchen best. With no surprise, the bowl perfectly blended cavatappi pasta with mozzarella cheese, breaded chicken, marinara sauce and parsley. The crispy chicken combined with melted cheese and flavorful sauce creates the perfect winter study meal or a convenient to-go option for a busy day.  

Without a doubt, Union South-goers missed the unique and delicious presence of Harvest Grains these past couple of years. With fresh ingredients, passionate workers and tasty options for all, Harvest Grains is back to serve the UW–Madison community.  

Author: Lenah Helmke

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