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Gratitude Month Wallpapers

National Gratitude Month begins Nov. 1, and, as we approach the end of an unusual semester, we, at the Wisconsin Union, are reflecting on gratitude. We are grateful for every moment you spend with our team and every memory you make in our buildings. We know that your time is precious, and cannot begin to express our gratitude that you choose to spend time with us and for the opportunity to serve you.

Our design team created wallpapers with gratitude in mind as well as a printable journal with which you can track daily the things and people for which you are grateful. For us, the calendar would say “you, you, you” every day. And, in case you need a reminder, please treat yourself well, especially in the weeks ahead as we near finals and some holidays. You are worthy of good things. And, if you can, think about how you can help others know that you’re grateful for them. You never know the impact your kind words can have on someone’s life.

National Gratitude Month journal – Click the image to download.
Computer Wallpaper – Click the image to download.
Computer Wallpaper – Click the image to download.
Phone Wallpaper – Click the image to download.

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