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Get Artsy on the Terrace – Member-only Opportunity


Wheelhouse Studios hosts a variety of art events on the Terrace during the summer. Photo by Jay Ekleberry.

Making art can be difficult–it takes time, money and effort. But have no fear! The Union makes it easier than ever to get crafty and create something great this summer.

Art Tapas on the Terrace, an upcoming series of member-only art courses offered by Wheelhouse Studios, will consist of four unique and affordable classes throughout the month of August.

Each class will take place on the Terrace at sunset, and participants will do a different Terrace-themed craft project, such as painting a flower pot, decorating a mason jar or painting a sailboat scene.

The series gets its name from “tapas,” which are Spanish-style appetizers. According to Wheelhouse Studios Director Jay Ekleberry, “Art Tapas is really designed to be exactly that–quick bites of art at the best place to be in Madison in the summertime.”

Each class includes all the materials you need to create your masterpiece as well as instructors to guide you through the process.

“Each of the first four Wednesdays in August we try and create a unique art-making experience for Union members,” Ekleberry said. “While normally space on the Terrace is not able to be reserved, with Art Tapas you have a reserved seat, all the supplies provided and teaching artists there to help you create your unique project each week. It really is a fun and creative special event that only happens each August.”


Click below to register for one or all of the four courses.


Paint a Pot and Plant It:


Paint a Wood Terrace Chair Back:


Terrace Mason Jars:


Paint a Sailboat Scene:


Author: Ellie Borstad

Ellie Borstad is a junior at UW-Madison double majoring in Journalism and Spanish. You can often find her running on Lakeshore Path while the sun sets or chowing down on a brat at the Terrace.

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