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Surprise Your Student With Something Special This Finals Season

Finals season (noun): the last busy weeks of the academic semester, characterized by countless hours spent studying for exams, fueled by an abundance of caffeine and snacks.

The studying never stops at the Wisconsin Union.

The halls of Memorial Union and Union South are alive with the sound of studying: the clacking of keyboards, the frenzied scrawling of flashcards, and the chattering of classmates discussing everything from organic chemistry exams to essays on 18th century literature. All of this can only mean one thing: finals season has descended upon the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus.

Luckily, the Wisconsin Union has students covered for all their studying needs, from delicious meals and cozy caffeinated beverages to school supplies and scrumptious snacks. And, when they pay with their Wiscard at any Wisconsin Union restaurant, market, or cafe, they receive a 10% discount on their food and non-alcohol beverage purchase! There’s never been a better time to add money to your student’s Wiscard so that they can conveniently access all their exam essentials—at a discounted rate.

Your student’s Wiscard simultaneously serves as their University ID and a multipurpose debit card available to use at any Wisconsin Union location. You can easily add funds to your student’s Wiscard online at any time.

The Wisconsin Union has more than 30 dining locations around campus for anything your student may need during their study sessions. When you add funds to your student’s Wiscard, you give them the tools to create a DIY Wisconsin Union care package in locations where they’ll probably be spending a lot of time over the next month. Here are some studious situations in which your student can take advantage of their Wiscard:

Group Projects

Deep fried cheese curds, served with Rath sauce from Memorial Union’s Der Rathskeller.

At some point in their college career, your student is bound to encounter the infamous group project. Nothing says social studying like a shareable appetizer from der Rathskeller in Memorial Union or the Sett in Union South! Melt-in-your-mouth fried cheese curds, crispy tater tots, boneless wings and beer-battered fries are the secret ingredients to any successful group project.

Solo Study Sesh

Grab a cup of coffee and a bagel from Peet’s Coffee in Memorial Union to fuel your study session.

Finals season is often synonymous with a mile-long to-do list. Chances are, there’s going to be a day when your student will want to hunker down and check as many items off their list as they can. Caffeine—whether it’s in the form of a steaming latte, an iced chai or a classic black coffee—comes in clutch for any solo study session. Your student can grab an energizing beverage from Peet’s Coffee in Memorial Union, Prairie Fire in Union South, or any Wisconsin Union market or cafe across campus to fuel their productivity.

In a Rush

Carte at Memorial Union offers many grab-and-go options for students.

Let’s be honest—most students have had a moment where they’re running late to class, a review session, or even an exam and they realize they forgot to bring a snack or their study supplies. Have no fear, the Wisconsin Union is here! With markets and cafes conveniently distributed across campus in buildings where your student likely has classes, they can grab pre-made meals, replacement school supplies, or study snacks like fruit and granola bars in mere minutes.

Make it a Meal

Create a customizable burrito bowl at South Cantina with all your favorite ingredients.

Once finals season hits, a lot of students struggle to find time to make meals in between their study sessions. Fortunately, Union South and Memorial Union are home to some of the best study spots and the best restaurants on campus. If your student is looking for a quick, customizable meal, they can personalize their own pizza or pasta bowl at Strada; create a signature salad at Carte; build their own burrito bowl at South Cantina; or make a Bento bowl at Ginger Root. Gone are the days of having to choose between studying and eating a nutritious meal—at the Wisconsin Union, students can enjoy both at the same time!

Post-Exam Treat

Treat your student to a scoop (or three!) of their favorite ice cream from Daily Scoop.

The only thing better than finishing an exam that you’ve spent endless hours studying for is rewarding your hard work with a big bowl of ice cream. At Daily Scoop (located in Memorial Union and Union South), your student can treat themself to an ice cream sundae, a milkshake, a root beer float, or a smoothie to celebrate all their accomplishments this semester. 

No matter what assignments and exams your student has coming up, they will certainly appreciate the opportunity to purchase discounted meals, treats and cozy drinks to spark their studying. Click here to add funds to your student’s Wiscard and allow them to create a care package to support all their study needs this finals season.

Author: Abby Synnes

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