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Become a Union Member, Gain Access to Events Like ‘Beer and Cheese 101’

By registering as a Wisconsin Union member, you’ll have access to great events like this. Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Pixabay

At the Wisconsin Union, we love treating our members to exclusive events all year long. On Thursday, July 13 we’re excited to host Beer and Cheese 101. This sitdown crash course offers seven different beer and cheese pairings for members to try.

The event will offer seven brews from the local Ale Asylum microbrewery and seven cheeses from Carr Valley Cheese Company in central Wisconsin:

1. Hot Pepper Jack with Ambergeddon (Imperial Amber Ale)
2. Aged Gouda with Madtown Nutbrown (Brown Ale)
3. Marisa with Unshadowed (Hefeweizen)
4. Glacier Point Blue with Tears of My Enemies (American Pale Ale)
5. 2-Year Aged Cheddar with Bedlam! (Belgian-style IPA)
6. Cocoa Cardona with Velveteen Habit (IPA)
7. Creama Kasa with Dr. Vennum (IPA)

This experience is more than just a taste test. Sit back, enjoy and learn about the background of the brews and cheeses from representatives of Ale Asylum and Carr Valley.

“In the cheese capital of the country, it’s almost a rite of passage that Wisconsinites learn about the best cheeses in the area,” Wisconsin Union Member Events Intern Emily Keis said. “This member-exclusive event is a one-of-a-kind experience, and perfect for a warm summer night.”

While this event already sold out, register now to be a Union member to have access to future events.

Author: Ellie Herman

Ellie Herman is a senior at UW-Madison studying Journalism and Mass Communication and French. If she's not petting every dog at the Terrace, you can probably find her drinking massive amounts of coffee at Peet's in Memorial Union.

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