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Chilling with the Wisconsin Union

We know the Terrace during the summer can be overwhelming. With the countless activities, events and visitors, on the surface, it seems like there is never a slow moment. However, we promise there are quiet, relaxing times to enjoy our spaces. We looked into traffic information and upcoming events to help you plan your next visit accordingly. Check out what we found below! 

Early Morning Yoga

Whether you’re comfortable on land or in the water, the Terrace and Lake Mendota will help you find your inner zen with early morning Yoga. Check out SUP (stand up paddle board) yoga or Terrace yoga. Occurring three times a week at 7:30 a.m., we promise the crowds are still asleep and far far away. Look out on Lake Mendota during your flow, and feel the quiet warmth of the sun in the peace of the morning. 

Music-Free Tuesday Nights

Throughout the crowded summers, Tuesday nights have no scheduled programming. Meaning, no bands or performances, leaving space for your own sunset sound. Come grab dinner, sit by the water, and take in the warm air or company of a friend. We can’t promise no crowds; however, we can promise a more peaceful, mild atmosphere. Additionally, our data proves that Tuesday is one of the slowest nights of the week, especially from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Early Morning Peet’s

What does the morning almost always call for? Coffee or another morning beverage…and quiet. At least, for me, it does, and the Wisconsin Union has both. Come by Memorial Union Terrace any morning and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee from Peet’s paired with a calm, quiet building. No crowds, no chaos, just beverages and house-made pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Among all the days of the week, we found Sunday mornings to be the quietest. 

All-day Monday and Tuesday

Start your week off right. Whether you need a mellow place to work, a delicious meal or a spot to meet a friend, Memorial Union welcomes the fresh week with open arms. Through our traffic research, quiet times are proven to exist on Mondays and Tuesdays, all day long. Continue your weekend joy and visit the Memorial Union to kick off a great week.

Overall, we enjoy the busier moments just as much as the quiet times. But, on those days when you’re craving some peace and quiet and want to avoid the crowds, the Memorial Union has options. We hope to see you soon for a yoga session, a morning coffee or on a Tuesday night. And, as always, don’t miss out on our upcoming events to experience the many fun, exciting opportunities the Wisconsin Union has to offer. 

Author: Lenah Helmke

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