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Calling all Badgers…Terrace Season is Finally Here!

The first day of spring is officially behind us, and do you know what that means, my fellow Badgers?

It means the Terrace season is finally here. 

The season of outdoor laughs, tasty grilled food, and sunset dates. 

On April 13, the Wisconsin Union Terrace opened up for the 2022 season. 

With a plethora of events planned, ranging from open mic nights to outdoor movie screenings to band performances, this Terrace season is not something you want to miss!

The Memorial Union Terrace on a beautiful, summer day in Madison, WI.

The Terrace is available to all members, including those with day, lifetime, and annual memberships. Now is the perfect time to purchase your annual or lifetime membership here

You could also purchase a day membership on-site at Memorial Union dining options. (But, if you plan on visiting us throughout the season or just want to support what we do, why not join us for the year or as a forever Wisconsin Union member here?) 

Current UW-Madison students are temporary members while they attend the University and can become lifetime members at a very discounted rate for a limited time after they graduate. 

Through your membership, you gain access to not only Memorial Union and Union South, the Wisconsin Union Hotel and Club Suites, and the stunning Terrace, but also, arguably most importantly, all the yummy food found within the Wisconsin Union facilities. 

In the spring and summer months, Memorial Union offers several seasonal outdoor food stands and dining, including the Brat Stand, BBQ Stand and Lakeview Lounge (in addition to the seven year-round indoor restaurants, markets and cafes).

Lakeview Lounge in Memorial Union.

Lakeview Lounge, with beautiful Mendota views and easy access to the outdoor Terrace, offers 16″ family-style pizzas, shareable appetizers, and a variety of local tap beer and wine. Located in the center of Memorial Union, this is the perfect place to bring family and friends together and enjoy all the amenities the Memorial Union has to offer. 

Lakeview Lounge is also only steps away from the delicious Daily Scoop, which has locally made ice cream, house-made ice cream and so much more to make your Memorial Union visit even sweeter. Make sure to look for it during your next visit!

With the delicious food Memorial Union offers, make sure to pick up your favorites to enjoy anywhere within the Union – some lesser known options follow. 

Pictured is Upper Sunset Deck, located next to the Terrace at Memorial Union.

The Upper Sunset Deck can be a great place to go if the Terrace is crowded or if you’re looking for a new study spot. Not only does this seating overlook the stunning Lake Mendota, but it also is one of the best places on campus to watch as the sun sets over Picnic Point. 

Tripp Deck off of Tripp Commons on the second floor is another great place to sit and enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather! Open to the public when it is not reserved for private events, this deck provides amazing views of Lake Mendota while being a bit more secluded from the hustle and bustle of Memorial Union. If you are interested in reserving the space for a private event, click here for more information. 

Not to be overshadowed by its lakefront counterpart, Union South also offers a variety of outdoor spaces to study, sip your daily coffee, and eat a tasty meal. 

Union South outdoor deck, located on the second floor.

On the second floor, above Prairie Fire, you will find a beautiful deck with outdoor seating, available on a first come, first served basis. This is a great, generally more quiet spot to study, relax and take in a deep breath of fresh air. 

You can also find outdoor seating on the third floor of Union South, another great place to hang out with friends, take a break, and bask in the warm, beautiful Wisconsin weather. 

While Union South may not offer any outdoor restaurants, be sure to check out the ones offered inside, including the Sett, South Cantina, Ginger Root, Prairie Fire, and of course the Daily Scoop for dessert. 

This article is great to read if you’re looking for food recommendations and some Badger favorites within Union South!

As the grass turns green, the cloudy skies give way to sun, and the temperature finally rises, there is no better way to celebrate the upcoming spring and summer than together with your fellow Badgers and Badgers-at-heart at the Wisconsin Union.

We hope to see you soon!

Author: Emily Rohloff

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