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Best Wishes from the Wisconsin Union

All of us at Wisconsin Union miss having you at Memorial Union and Union South. It’s just not the same without you, without your vitality, your presence, and your enthusiasm. You really make the Union what it is for the campus, community and visitors, and your absence is surely felt each and every day.

But we know we’re all where we’re supposed to be. We know we’re doing what we need to be doing. And that’s a good thing. But we certainly long for the time that you’re all going to be back with us. We long for the time that we’ll be in community at some of our favorite places on campus and in Madison, particularly the Memorial Union Terrace.

So, until then, please know we’re preparing for your arrival. We’re getting ready to welcome you back with open arms. And we want to make sure our reunion, when it happens, will be memorable. Take care of yourself, be safe, and we’ll see you soon.

Author: terraceviews-admin

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