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The Story of the Steins

The walls of Memorial Union can’t talk-but the Steins do. A signature of both der Stiftskeller and der Rathskeller is the eclectic stein collection lining the muraled walls. Generations of Badgers and Union members have donated their own steins to the collection, and some even slipped notes in, commemorating their time at the Union.

During renovations of Memorial Union, the Steins were washed, tagged, organized and stored, giving employees the chance to get an up-close look at each stein–and the personal notes left inside.

Over 300 steins make up the collection, and many have already returned to their prized shelves of der Stiftskeller and der Rathskeller’s walls, with the rest soon joining them. Below we noted some of our favorite steins, and the notes tucked inside them. Check out our collection below:

Author: Ellie Herman

Ellie Herman is a senior at UW-Madison studying Journalism and Mass Communication and French. If she's not petting every dog at the Terrace, you can probably find her drinking massive amounts of coffee at Peet's in Memorial Union.

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