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New adventures are on the Hori[zen]: Join Outdoor UW’s Terrace Yoga

Photo Credit: Shaina Clemens

Picture this: The roar of the soft waves rolling toward the shore, the distant chirping of birds overhead, the radiating warmth of the sun on your shoulders and a slight breeze that trickles across your face. This isn’t a Hawaiian vacation, it’s a typical morning at one of Outdoor UW’s Terrace Yoga classes.

The thought of a morning workout brings together two things I’m not great at: Mornings and exercise. As a beginner yogi, the idea of participating in a Terrace

Outdoor UW also offers SUP yoga.

Yoga class intimidated me; I worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with each pose. I’m glad to say I was wrong.

I quickly learned the classes are extremely welcoming to both beginner and experienced yogis. Instructors not only explain each pose, but offer alternative options if the move is too strenuous. With several exercises focusing on breathing and relaxation, the class is so much more than just an ordinary workout on the treadmill, and with a view that can’t be beat.

If staring out onto the calming lake while doing yoga isn’t enough, Outdoor UW also offers Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga classes where you can practice your poses right on the waves of Lake Mendota.

Don’t want to lug your own yoga mat around? Outdoor UW has limited quantities available for a $2 rental per class, or a $25 purchase.

Learn more about class schedules and pricing for Terrace Yoga and SUP Yoga here and start your day right with sun salutations at everyone’s favorite spot on campus.

Author: Ellie Herman

Ellie Herman is a senior at UW-Madison studying Journalism and Mass Communication and French. If she's not petting every dog at the Terrace, you can probably find her drinking massive amounts of coffee at Peet's in Memorial Union.

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